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Big lap, Soft lap and Little lap

Dear Diary,

As I have mentioned before I live with three Humans, I tend to distinguish between them as so... big lap, soft lap and little lap. Big lap is really quite useful, he is a keen dealer in cat nip and has very good at back scratching. Soft lap has been with me the longest by far, in fact I remember very little before this Human became my pet. Soft lap is always good for a cuddle, if one were that way inclined (its always best not to admit to needing a cuddle from your Human pet as its really not good for the 'Independant Cat about town' image)

Little lap is very new, soft lap went away for a week and when she returned she had little lap, to be honest I am not keen on this Human. this is due in part to its constant need for cuddles from my other Humans.. time that could be spent tending to my needs, add to this that little lap has a tendancy to make a lot of noise, that they give little lap all the best nesting spots in the house... and well... one has to wonder how I am supposed to survive under such neglect!

There are some benefits to the arrival of little lap however; The appearence of more boxes for my entertainment (once the rubbish inside them has been removed by my pets), the presence of soft lap at our dwelling during the day rather than out hunting for my kibble (so far this has not affected the provision of  said kibble) and the presence of more soft nesting materials (although the humans keep insisting on reserving them for little lap I have managed on occasion to grab a quick nap on some of them while they are changing soft lap's mobile litter trays.)

*ears twitch* Hmmm... I think little laps woken up.. soft lap will be down in a minute for its milk, signing off for tonight!


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