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My name is Wils


My name is Willow, but my humans generally call me Wils, my kind don't really use names, I am of course referring to my species Felidae (Cat being the most common Human term for us; Humans have trouble with Latin) I know some may quibble over sub-species but I do not recognise the term 'Domestic' in reference to my kind so lets not go there *licks left paw*  These memoirs are really intended for other Cats but as some of my readers may be Human i will endeavor to explain myself in 'simple' Human terms they will be able to understand. *licks right paw*

I live with 3 Humans in a Human dwelling which is on an estate of similar Human dwellings. Humans are convenient to reside with on the whole, they have access to kibble, this being my favourite Human food, it is odd I never actually see them eat any themselves. *shrugs* I think this may be because they save the best for me as they appear to be very fond of me *attempts to look smug... looks blank* . Of course I should mention I am not the only Cat in the dwelling, I share it with two other Cats, however I don't think the kibble is really meant for them as I am clearly the Humans favourite, this doesnt seem to stop the others stealing it. *flattens ears for a moment*

Speaking of Kibble... *ears rotate to pick up the sound of kibble falling into a bowl* I must be off...  my Humans are home from the kibble store.

Signing off...

Willow the Cat


The Secret Lives of Animals

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