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The Secret Lives of Animals

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Pet and Animal Journals/Blogs
Hello! Welcome to The Secret Lives of Animals, a place for animals to display their journals.

My name is Willow, I am a most superior Cat *licks paws* living among fellow less superior Cats and far less superior Humans(This is not always a negative situation for a smart Cat such as myself to be found in as they are much more easily manipulated regarding kibble related issues)
Having grown tired of watching my human companions grabbing all the attention on the world wide web I decided it was time the world knew about my life!

Are you an animal with a journal? Would you like to share your journal with others? Now is the time the world got to know you too *Attempts a smile... looks blank*

How to join:

Its easy; you simply wait until your human is not around and then create your own journal entries. Please write at least one entry in your own journal introducing yourself before applying to join so we can see that you intend to be an active member. Applying to join indicates that you accept the rules of this community.

Community Rules:

1. Members must put their animals name (as it is listed on their journal membership) and species on their LJ user info page and also on their weekly posts to the Secret Lives of Animals community. No duplicate animals (same name and animal) to avoid confusion. All names must be original to the community.

2. Responses that are longer than 450 words should where possible be put behind an lj-cut (this is a way of hiding some of your post behind a link)See How To LJ-CUT for information on how to make a lj-cut.

3. Members will need to post their journal entry to the main community page so they are centralised.

4. No attacking of other members. It will not be tolerated. Members who fight with or attack other members will be removed. Note: This includes posting private IM/emails with another Secret Lives of Animals member in any related community without the other persons permission as part of a personal fight. In line with the LJ Terms of Service notice, the Secret Lives of Animals community owner reserves the right to remove any member who engages in antagonistic, aggressive, boorish behavior in Secret Lives of Animals. The Secret Lives of Animals community owner will enforce this overall community 'guideline' as needed, and all decisions will be final.

5. All members are free to RP in thier own animal journals, but which the owner of Secret Lives of Animals will not be moderating and therefore takes no responsibility.

6. The journals posted in the Secret Lives of Animals community must not contain adult content. This is to enable a wide audience to be able to participate regardless of age. If any of the private journals plan on having any adult content, please make sure your user info has the appropriate disclaimer. Something as simple as: 'This journal features adult content' should do it.

7. Some animals do not wish to be linked with their human companions for various reasons. The mods ask that everyone respect this rule. Even if you know who someone is accossiated with a human journal, please refer to them by the animal in this forum. Members who break this rule will be banned.

8. No spamming of any kind will be tolerated. Members who spam the community or other member journals will be removed from the community.

Have fun!

LJ Terms of Service notice
All members and prospective members please be reminded that this is a moderated community. The community owner will enforce the LJ Terms of Service rules regarding harrassment, abuse, violations of privacy, etc. The LJ ToS supercedes all community-specific rules. The Secret Lives of Animals community owner will take whatever action is necessary to enforce the ToS.

At the discretion of the moderators, any journal that has been locked so that moderators cannot read it may be removed from the community.